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Black and white photograph of students: Jan West, Althea Jones, Brenda James, and Regina Tippins from Campanile yearbook 1973

Black and white photograph of Will Rice College students signing in a choir.

Black and white photograph of Jacqueline McCauley performing in a Rice Players production with two cast members in background.

Two female Rice students walking down a sidewalk carrying paper bags in their arms.

Black and white photograph of two female and two male students walking beside some hedges, with the Administration Building partially visible behind them.

William M. Rice Institute students playing volleyball outside, with a row of trees visible in the background. Ruth Barnes and Barbara Marchand Winslow are pictured, along with nine others, some of whom are partially obscured.

Black and white photograph of two women students wearing the freshman beanie and white pinafore over a Kelly green dress while walking and carrying books.
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