The Houston Asian American Archive collects, documents, and preserves the lived experiences of the Asian diaspora in Houston, aiming to develop a broader understanding of history through their lens, which continues to evolve towards the studies of Asia in a transnational perspective.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to explore the varied experiences of Asians and Asian Americans in the Houston community, and to understand both the challenges they have faced and the contributions they have made. We aim to capture all generations from all walks of life in order to create an inclusive portrayal of the Houston Asian and Asian American community. We intend this project to provide a documentary history linking these life stories to larger national, regional, and global narratives.

Dr. Anne Chao, Adjunct Lecturer in Humanities at Rice University, is the Co-founder and Manager of the Houston Asian American Archive. 


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Stories Told and to be Told

Francine Di, Rice graduate from the Shepherd School of Music ('03), and the 29th Miss Chinatown Pageant, took an oral history interview with the Houston Asian American Archive in July 2019 (link). 

To find out more about her family legacy, her online family archive is exhibited at

Photo: Wei Jiang, Sherry Cheng. (Courtesy of Sherry Cheng)

A Musical Family: Wei Jiang, violist at the Houston Symphony, plays online concert during COVID-19, with his wife Sherry Cheng (on piano) and daughter Alice (on violin). 

The Ultimate Foodies: Three brothers who founded the Blood Brothers BBQ told their respective life stories with Houston Asian American Archive.

Photo (left to right): Robin Wong, Quy Hoang, and Terry Wong. 

Dr. George C.Y. Chiou seated with daughter, Dr. Linda Epner

Dr. George C.Y. Chiou seated with daughter, Dr. Linda Epner

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Testimony from Dr. Ka-Kin Cheuk:

“Thank you very much, from the ASIA 305 class @ Rice University:

HAAA has offered an impressive number of oral history interviews with a wide range of people in Houston and their related global circuits. The diversity of interviewees – artists, journalists, entrepreneurs, engineers, religious teachers … just to mention a few  – vividly reveals the transregional dynamisms that the Asian American communities in Houston have been linked up with or aspiring for. As an anthropologist teaching ASIA 305 Ethnography in/of Houston Asia in Fall 2020, I am very grateful for what HAAA offers to my students, as they make use of the archives for their own research projects. Through engaging with the HAAA materials, my students cultivate original thinking on the larger issues in immigration, economy, politics, religions, education, and cultural traditions.”

--- Dr. Ka-Kin Cheuk

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