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Around the World with Edgar Odell Lovett, 1908-1909


Edgar Odell Lovett, newly chosen as Rice Institute's first president, was sent by Rice's Board of Governors on a trip around the world seeking out the best characteristsics of the top universities.

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The Life and Work of architect William Ward Watkin

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This exhibit describes the architectural and academic career of William Ward Watkin and his profound effect on the development of Rice University and the city of Houston. Watkin was the original Supervising Architect for the Rice Institute and the first Chairman of the Rice Architecture Department.

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Business & Pleasure on Houston's Waterways, 1897-1927


Houston Yacht Club

Buffalo Bayou, the waterway destined to become a centerpiece in the Port of Houston’s development, was seen as an essential link between the interior of Texas, the sea, and the rest of the world. And, it was the first home to the Houston Yacht Club. Both organizations—the Port and the Club—grew together on the Bayou, moved in similar geographic directions, and have each gone on to prove their local, regional, national and international importance.

This material was digitized in 2010-2011 as part of a grant funded by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) and the Intsitute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

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Rice Presidents and Provosts


Presidents and provosts at Rice have significantly shaped the landscape of the university with their dreams and goals - read on to learn who these men were and what each has been known for at Rice!

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William Marsh Rice and the Founding of Rice Institute


Houston Yacht Club

Highlights of the life of Rice University founder, William Marsh Rice, the sensational trial of his murder, and how his generosity made the university we know today possible.

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The Stockton Axson Eighteenth-Century Drama Archive


The Axson Digital Archive is a collection of 62 digitized books drawn from The Stockton Axson Collection of 18th-Century British Drama, held in the Woodson Research Center. These are available online as PDF files.

This exhibit, developed by Dr. Mike Gavin and his students, contextualizes the Axson collection.

About the physical collection:
Started as a memorial to Stockton Axson, an English professor at Rice, the Axson collection contains British drama first published between 1660 and 1800. With more than 5,000 books, it represents most major and minor literary figures of the period. The plays often have more than one edition, and sometimes more than one copy of an edition is included in the collection.

Dick Dowling and Sabine Pass in History and Memory


This exhibit offers a guided tour through some of the items contained in the Dick Dowling Digital Archive. Many of the items in the archive were collected, digitized, transcribed, described, or created by Rice undergraduate students enrolled in the Spring 2011 semester of HIST 246, taught by Dr. Caleb McDaniel. Amanda York Focke of the Woodson Research Center prepared many of the items for presentation in Omeka and uploaded the core collection, with the assistance of Ryan Shaver. Crucial assistance was also provided by Marie Wise of the Houston Public Library, Mercy Harper, Jean Niswonger, and Kim Ricker. Generous funding from the Humanities Research Center supported undergraduate research internships for three Rice students who worked on the project.

The exhibit consists of two major sections, the first on the public memory of Dick Dowling in Houston since 1863 and the second on slavery and the battle of Sabine Pass. The second section was written by Caleb McDaniel with research and technical assistance from Amanda Focke, Blake Earle, and Jarvis Sam. Portions of the first section were written by Caleb McDaniel, Jaclyn Youngblood, Ryan Shaver, Jocelyn Wright, Kathryn Skilton, and students in the Fall 2011 semester of HIST 246. Research assistance was also provided by Mercy Harper, Ryan Shaver, Kathryn Skilton, Jaclyn Youngblood, and Jocelyn Wright.

History of Science book collection


Galileo Dialogo

Highlights from the History of Science book collection housed in the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

About the collection:

The History of Science collection includes important volumes of physics, mathematics, and astronomy tracing the history of science. The collection includes four rare astronomy books: Nicolaus Copernicus' masterpiece, De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium (1566), which marks the dawn of modern science; Alessandro Piccolomini's La Sfera del Mondo (1579), considered the first handbook for stargazers; Cornelius Gemma's De Naturae Divinis Characterismis (1575) relating to the nova of 1572 and a comet in 1556; and Johannes Kepler's Tabulae Rudolpinae (1675), the first English text of Kepler's tables based on the laws of planetary motion.  Giovanni Riccioli's Almagestum novum astronomiam (1651) was added as Fondren Library's millionth volume in 1979.

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