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One page lease agreement and accompanying map of the area and relevant buildings, near Buffalo, Texas. Copy signed by Merchants and Planters Oil Company secretary, Benjamin Botts Rice.

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"Dramatist and novelist; spied for Charles II in Antwerp. Aphra Behn published her novel Oronooko, or the History of the Royal Slave in 1688. It was adapted for the stage by Thomas Southerne and was performed every season for almost 100 years.…

This is a brief, contemporary summary of the Battle of Sabine Pass, which had happened just a few days prior to the paper's publication, submitted by an "Uncle Ben." The paragraph gives a chronological account of the battle in a largely objective…

The article starts by introducing the Commander of the Dick Dowling Camp, Beavens. It then goes on to describe the Davis Guards' victory at Sabine Pass and then describes the event in 1889 when Dowling’s daughter was presented with a medal…

This notice about two enslaved men captured in Robertson county appeared in an 1860 newspaper published in Houston. Next to it is the city business directory listing local businessmen, including William Marsh Rice and H. H. Milby, the proprietor of…

RECTO: Colorized image of boats on Buffalo Bayou. Caption reads: ""Bayou Scene Foot of Main St. Houston, Texas."" VERSO: Blank

A solitary man sits aboard the Crescent, which appears to be newly under construction, circa 1900

These boats were gathered at Elevator A probably during the water pageant celebrating the opening of the Intracoastal Waterway from Galveston to Corpus Christi, June 1913.

The new clubhouse featured nautical plaster molding and columns joined with arches.
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