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Edgar Odell Lovett's notes on a possible way to structure the faculty for the newly forming Rice Institute. Lovett was the first president of Rice Institute, which later became Rice University.

Printed breakfast menu on board the S.S. Mongolia, on which Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Odell Lovett of Rice Institute traveled in April, 1909.

Color postcard featuring the R.M. Munster, on which Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Odell Lovett of Rice Institute traveled during their world tour, 1908-1909.

This postcard features the SS Mongolia, a steamship traveled on by Edgar Odell Lovett, Mary Hale Lovett and F. Carrington Weems on their world tour for the Rice Institute in 1909. They traveled from Russia to Japan and from Japan to Hawaii aboard…

Pamphlet detailing the first and second cabin rates and schedules for the Pacific Railway Company's line of "Empresses" (steamships). Stamped in red across the pamphlet cover are the words " All C.P.R. Steamers are equipped with Marconi wireless…

"Programme of Entertainment in the aid of the Liverpool Seamen's Orphan Institution" aboard the RMS Empress of Ireland, featuring Mrs. Mary Hale Lovett singing "Villanelle" and "The Slumber Boat", among other performances of piano and song. The…

Map created in 2009 detailing the route taken by Edgar Odell Lovett, Mary Hale Loevtt and F. Carrington Weems for the Rice Institute.

Handwritten envelope addressed to Major H.S. Hale, from Edinburgh, from his daughter Mary Hale Lovett, who was tour educational institutions with her husband, Edgar Odell Lovett, of the then Rice Institute. The Lovett's children stayed at the home of…
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