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Photographic reproduction of an oil painting

Draft announcement of the "First Annual Traveling Scholarship in Architecture" program by William Ward Watkin to begin March 31, 1928

In this speech, printed in the Houston Tri-Weekly Telegraph, Reverend J.J. Loomis presents a flag to the Davis guards on behalf of a group of women from Sabine Pass. He likens the battle of Sabine Pass to Thermopylae, and argues the battle was…

This brief article with accompanying image tells contemporaries of the Dick Dowling statue's move from in front of Houston's City Hall to Sam Houston Park. It mentions that the old city hall is being converted into a bus station and that the statue…

This article describes the arrival of federal prisoners in Houston, including a colonel, captains, lieutenants, 350 non-commissoned officers, and several "negroes" (a Negro in a sailor's uniform was a special occasion for sport for Confederate boys).…

This article is a mix of historical facts, individual commendations, and social commentary. The author claims to recount the eye witness interview of Jack White, a participant in the Battle of Sabine Pass. He recounts that Dr. G.H. Bailey was a…

Editorial, humorous, pseudo posthumous interview piece describes the heroic actions of Confederate leader Dick Dowling and criticizes the inauspicious placement of his statue. Commentary on the forgotten legacy of Dick Dowling.

Byrd writes about a "Texas cowboy" that became a saint, putting his Sept. 8 or 9, 1958 article "Byrd's-Eye-View: Interview with the Hero Who Saved Us from Invasion" about Dowling into the context of his writing.

The Chinese Eastern Railway was a single tracked line providing a shortcut for the world's longest railroad, the Trans-Siberian Railway from near the Siberian city of Chita via Harbin across northern inner Manchuria to the Russian port of…
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