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Autry Family from the Alamo to Rice University


This exhibit describes the lives and times of the James Lockhart Autry family. James Lockhart Autry II would become an influential oil and gas lawyer and head of a prominent family in Houston, but his journey to Texas began in Tennessee.

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Sugar Land Convict Leasing


An exhibit on Sugar Land Convict Leasing created by HART Summer 2015 students at Rice University.

Updated in 2018 following the discovery of 95 unmarked prisoner graves.

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Wartime on Rice Campus, 1914-1919


Prior to the dawn of the first World War life at the Rice Institute resembled that of any other college campus. Students were free to manage their academic and social lives without much influence or concern from administrators. Declaration of war on Germany by the United States in 1917 prompted a response by many students and faculty on campus. Soon after this declaration, under the terms of the National Defense Act of 1916, a branch of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) was assigned to the Rice campus. This prompted many changes on campus for students returning in the fall of 1917. This exhibit spotlights a Rice student and a faculty member in service, highlights some of the changes on campus during this time, and the pushback by the student body against the enforcement of new rules on campus.

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Jingban tianwen quantu


Capital Edition Of A Complete Map (Of The World Based On) Astronomy

The Jingban tianwen quantu reflects a Sinocentric world view in which every country but China is relegated to the periphery. At the top is a panel with two side-by-side hemispheric world maps. Korea and the islands of the east Indies are illustrated to the east and south of the China land mass, while a shrunken Europe is squeezed into the upper left corner.

It is a woodblock map on rice paper, and it features outline color with a green sea. In two places the image is interrupted by a thin band of white space, dividing the map into thirds.

Click here to go to an enlarged interactive zoom and pan version of the map. The interface allows users to zoom in on details or zoom out to get a view of the entire map.

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Rice University Between Decisions: from Co-Education to Integration (1957-1970)


This exhibit explores how Rice University historically handles gender/sex and race relations through discussion of the huge decisions Rice made concerning these issues from 1957 to 1970—a time when Rice underwent many changes including desegregation based on gender/sex and race. 

Rice University students conducted the research behind this exhibit and developed the online presentation as part of coursework and practica lead by the university's Humanities Research Center in 2014 and 2016.


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British Navy during the Napoleonic Era


The exhibit covers events and practices of the British navy from the latter part of the 18th until the first years of the 19th century, as represented by original sources held at the Woodson Research Center.

Various aspects of a sailor's life are drawn from the correspondence of the period and include such matters as conscription, courts martial and prisoner regulations, as well as information on medical procedures of the day.