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Woodson Research Center - Fondren Library -  Rice University

Practices of the British Army

Lt. John Anderson notebook

Notebook written bt Lt. John Anderson about daily life in the British Army

Notebook written by Lt. John Anderson that recounts the daily activities in the life of the British Army. Anderson describes events such as promotions, rules regarding church services, and medical matters. Also included are signed copies of orders, results of court martials, and statements from the Commander-in-Chief regarding battles.

This was written during the time of the Reign of Terror in France where thousands of suspected enemies of the revolution were executed by the Jacobin controlled National Convention. By this time the newly elected Legislative Assembly had declared war on neighboring countries they believed were housing French emigrants trying to build counterrevolutionary alliances.

Lt. John Anderson notebook, 1794, MS 158, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University, a part of the British maritime history collection at the Woodson Research Center.