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Woodson Research Center - Fondren Library -  Rice University

Orders to Captain Schomberg

Order from Admiralty Office to Captain Schomberg

Order to Captain Schomberg from the Admiralty, 1809

Series of two March 1809 orders directed to Captain SChomberg of the HMS Loire. In the first, he is instructed to sail to the Western coast of Galicia and supply the local inhabitants with muskets and ammunition to fight the French. In the second, he is directed to remain on the Western coast of Galicia and to put himself under the command of Vice-Admiral Berkeley, Commander in Chief of the British fleet along the Portugese coast.

Sir George Cranfield Berkeley papers, 1808-1813, MS 11, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University. Other items in this collection include correspondence from Vice-Admiral Berkeley to the Duke of Wellington and other members of the admiralty, troop lists, and reports.