Musical Works

Robert Avalon at the piano, turning to face the camera, in suit and tie

Robert Avalon at the piano (ca. 1988) 

"Brilliant, rhapsodic, solid construction and dominion of form. There is bravado and passion. The music never stalls -it flows forever forward." 

Sylvia Lamoutte, music critic, San Juan, Puerto Rico

"...a compelling sense of logic and momentum... vividly contrasting dynamics...tension builds inexorably to fierce climaxes...a gift for melodic line and a secure approach to structure and development." 

Diane Windeler, music critic, San Antonio Light

 "...soaring melodies...The music made a big emotional impact...a gift for broad, compelling melodies and building the tension of a movement to a resounding peak...fresh, innocent exuberance." 

Charles Ward, Houston Chronicle